About Diversity, Inclusion, and the Role of Men in Dance

As society evolves, we too are evolving with it. 2019 brings about changes for MEN IN DANCE.

First of all we are dropping part of our name: “Against the Grain.” When this organization was founded we sincerely felt that pursuing a career in dance was a major uphill battle for a man. That is not true in the same way today, though there are still far fewer men in the dance field as a whole. We still acknowledge, and believe in, the unique dynamic and viewpoint that men can bring to the art and want to continue to celebrate that uniqueness in our Festivals and Adjudicated Showcase events. We have also adjusted our mission statement to better reflect that goal:  

“MEN IN DANCE is committed to seeking, supporting and presenting cutting edge male-identified dance in all of its colors.”    

We have always welcomed all gender identities and sexual orientations to our events and to work with this organization but we are taking the step of updating verbiage so that everyone feels acknowledged and accepted as well. We know that diversity only helps to strengthen the art that we present—with that we want artists to feel comfortable and supported and for our patrons and contributors to embrace this diversity with their support and participation in our events. Together, let’s make MEN IN DANCE an even stronger entity!  

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On a related note MEN IN DANCE strongly objects to Lara Spencer’s comments on Good Morning America and state that boys who love ballet and take it at Prince George’s young age should be supported, celebrated, and revered. This is precisely why MID exists: to combat this ignorance and to illuminate the beauty and power that men who dance show, and the courage that it takes for a man to dance in this world! I have never met so many impassioned people as I have in the world of dance. Good for Prince George, and for his Royal parents, for supporting him and importantly for saying so!

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